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Junior Academy

Junior Academy, formerly known as Introduction to Figure Skating. Also know as, Learn to Figure Skate.

Is a bridging program suited for skaters who have successfully completed CanSkate Stage 3 or equivalent and have been talent identified by our Skate Canada Certified Professional Coaches based on their ability, desire and expressed interest in continuing development in figure skating. Skaters entering Junior Academy receive specialized instruction for figure skating in a small group setting. 

First time registering for figure skating, or have more questions about this program? email us at

Junior StarSkate

Junior StarSkate (STAR 1-5) is a figure skating discipline program suited for skaters that have successfully completed Junior Academy, Intro to Figure Skating or CanSkate Stage 6 and want to take the next step. Skaters entering Junior STAR build on skills acquired in CanSkate Stage 6, further developing and refining fundamental figure skating skills. 

The Junior StarSkate program is based on the principles of the Learn to Train stage of development described in Skate Canada’s Long Term Development (LTD) model. Skaters are encouraged to acquire a skill set that will allow them to reach the highest level of proficiency that their unique talent and commitment will allow.  The importance of coaching and strong technical development is critical at this stage.


Intermediate/Senior StarSkate

The Intermediate/Senior StarSkate (STAR 6 to Gold) program is a continuation of the Junior StarSkate (STAR 1 to 5) program and the next set of skills for skaters to achieve after STAR 5. Skaters entering Intermediate/Senior StarSkate build on skills acquired in Junior StarSkate further developing and refining fundamental figure skating skills. Skaters in this program have the option to pursue high performance development if they choose.


Helmet Use Policy

Skate Canada and Crowchild Skating Club requires all CanSkate participants (up to and including Stage 5) as well as all skaters in our PowerSkate programs, to wear a CSA approved hockey helmet while on the ice.
All PreCanSkate participants must wear a CSA approved hockey helmet with a cage while on the ice.
Skaters will not be allowed on the ice without the required helmet. Bicycle, multi-sport and snowboarding/skiing helmets are not acceptable.
Additional information regarding helmet use, including a description of a properly fitted helmet, can be found by clicking here.